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Did you just come from your first ACTS retreat or serve on a team? Did you experience the gift of God's love? Would you like to share your experience of Christ's love with others? If your answer is yes...                                


Become an ACTS Missioner!



After an ACTS retreat, many people search for a way to serve. As a result, ACTS Missioners was formed. Missioners serve two purposes: first, to provide a true avenue of service in the midst of our busy lives and; second, to provide the spiritual and financial resources to support the work of ACTS Missions. 
ACTS Missioners support the work of reaching as many parishes and people as possible through the ACTS Retreat. Help us share your experience with the world. As you go forth from the retreat….go forth and light YOUR world …. light THE world. Not all of us can leave our homes and go to distant places, but all of us can become spiritual missionaries and share the work. 
How many souls can be revitalized and filled with the Holy Spirit through the ACTS retreat? You have experienced the fullness and the life changing grace that sets a new course for our lives and the hope you have now is that others can experience the same.
As an ACTS Missioner, you will know the joy of retreatants around the world through news of our outreach and retreat schedule, where ACTS Missions is going, who has asked for the retreat, and join through prayer in the success of our apostolate and the ever expanding ACTS family.

After an ACTS Retreat, our hearts are full and we want to share the joy. The love of God and Christian community becomes real, revitalizing lives, parishes and whole communities. Many feel changed with the love of God and burn with a desire to serve. Now you can serve as an ACTS Missioner supporting the work of ACTS Missions. 

The ACTS retreat addresses the need for us all to remain "attentive to the Spirit" and foster spiritual and community growth. Your commitment to ACTS Missions supports this apostolate and allows us to take the ACTS retreat to the rest of the world. Join us in evangelizing all of God's earth! 


So who are we?

Who are ACTS Missioners?  


The best way to describe us would be to talk about the Missioners Patron Saint, St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, and her little way. She was a Carmelite Cloistered Nun who never traveled far from home and yet was named a Doctor and the Patron Saint of Missionaries by the Church.

As patron saint of ACTS Missioners, the Little Flower shows us how to make great impact on the world through her little way. 
Her mission was to be "love in the heart of the Church." That is what we are-we are love in the heart of the Church. The heart of our evangelization is love. When you become an ACTS Missioner, your purpose is to love others toward Christ.



As an ACTS Missioner, you support ACTS Missions by:

  • Committing to a rosary and/or an hour of  adoration each month for the work of ACTS Missions to spread the ACTS retreat.
  • Encouraging at least one person per year to attend an ACTS Retreat in their parish.
  • Contributing a minimum of $5 a month or $24 annually to support our work.  


How your membership blesses others: 

  • Your membership supports the activities of ACTSM, including offering scholarships and supporting your local ACTSM Chapter. 


As an ACTS Missioner, you will receive: 

  • an ACTS Missioner membership (blessed lapel pin and wallet card);
  • weekly prayers of thanksgiving and blessings for you and your family. 


ACTS Missions is a non-profit exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code: Ein 74-2860112.


Download Missioners Brochures




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